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Nutrition Philosophy

Carmichael Clinic embraces a wholehearted approach to nutrition,
believing that all foods can be incorporated in the right balance, variety, and moderation. We believe in helping clients build peace with food and working alongside them to explore how negative food behaviors may be impacting their quality of life. Our goal with this dietary philosophy is to provide an environment that is both naturalistic and realistic to support clients in other therapeutic work completed. The goal is to normalize eating patterns as well as gain ability to physically & psychologically consume satisfying foods.

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60 min. Initial Dietary Assessment

This is an hour of data collection in which your provider will complete a comprehensive nutritional assessment focused on uncovering any abnormalities in eating patterns. Clients should come prepared to answer several "yes" or "no" questions as well as open-ended questions about their health. It is important that clients are as honest and genuine as possible during this assessment so that their provider can create the best plan of care.

45 min. Dietary Follow-up Session

These counseling sessions help lay the foundation of all dietary work to be completed through treatment. Sessions include discussion about the past week's struggles & successes as well as a deeper dive into a chosen topic of education. Clients should expect to leave each session with clear and concise dietary goals to work on prior to their next session as well as a more concise understanding of general nutritional habits and practices.

30 min. Dietary follow-up Session

These sessions act as important check-ins with your provider regarding any barriers to meeting goals and overall progress in treatment. Any questions or concerns regarding the current form of care or ongoing plan of action are encouraged during this session.

*Please note these descriptions are applicable to those meeting for in-office visits as well as telehealth visits.


  • One-on-one nutrition therapy
  • Individualized dietary treatment plans
  • Dietary interventions to treat disordered eating, GI disturbances, and other complaints
  • Counseling sessions at a frequency that makes sense and is feasible for each patient
  • Meal plans for those applicable
  • Comprehensive nutritional assessment at the beginning of treatment
  • Database of resources for individuals looking to heal their relationship with food
  • Mindful eating exposure
  • Treatment modalities: exposure response & prevention techniques, intuitive eating, body acceptance, nutrition science education, person-centered care